Robert Cooper

RobRob is a veteran online marketer who has managed over $5 million in ad buys through platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook and others. He has worked with all sizes of organizations, from large software companies with worldwide sales right through to tiny startups.

In 2007, Rob founded PlusROI Online Marketing Inc,, a performance-focussed multi-channel agency. PlusROI has recently been acknowledged as one of Canada’s Google “Elite” Partner Agencies.

Rob is in the process of launching a new online advertising startup with streamlined services for small business in several target verticals.

Rob has been featured in case studies by the likes of DoubleClick, Digital River and and is a regular speaker at local and national/international events.

He is well known for taking a common sense approach to complex concepts and making them very accessible in his seminars.

In his “Are You Ready for Online Advertising?” session he discusses what kind of businesses can succeed with online advertising, what types of advertising will work for them, and how they can get the most out of their ads.

See more about what Robert Cooper will be presenting at SEM Summit 2017:

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